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Jade Noise 2
Environmental Noise Monitoring Software

Ptolemy Services produces Jade Noise software for monitoring environmental noise. Jade Noise converts almost any low-cost sound level meter into a data logger using a PC with a standard sound card. Jade Noise will work with a variety of meters from manufacturers such as CEL, Cirrus Research, Bruel and Kjaer, Onno Sokki and others. We have an international perspective and supply the acoustics community world-wide. Jade Noise 2 captures noise data using the AC output from a sound level meter direct to your PC. No special hardware is required - other than a cable! :-)

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Jade Noise comes in two versions:

  • Jade Noise Professional: A fully-featured version of Jade Noise for long-term noise monitoring.
  • Jade Noise Community: A free version of Jade Noise for for simple noise monitoring applications capturing data over a short period of time. Jade Noise Community has certain limitations compared to Jade Noise Professional. See here for more details.

Japanese users
Jade Noise 2 is available in Japan with Japanese manuals from Phoenix Research.

Distributors Wanted!

We are looking for international distributors for Jade Noise Professional. If you are interested, please contact us at, or use our contact form.