Sound Level Meters

CR:272 Digital Integrating Sound Level Meter

An integrating meter that is designed for noise at work surveys.

  • Accuracy to IEC-651 (BS EN 60651) Type 2 "General Purpose" grade.
  • Ranges: 32 to 140 dB(A) and 50 to 140 dB(C) for SPL, Lmax and Leq
    60 to 140 dB(C) for Lpeak.
  • Slow, Fast and Impulse time weightings.
  • A and C frequency weightings for SPL and Leq.
  • Amplitude weighting: true energy integration without time weighting (Q=3)
  • AC 2.2 Volts for FSD (can be used with Jade 2) and log DC at 25mV/dB in one continuous span from 32 to 140dB.
  • 3.5 digit LCD with overload, under range, low battery, and display hold indicators.
  • Powered from 2 x 6LR61 9v cells. Approximately 40 hours use.
  • Dimensions: 230mm x 75mm x 25mm
  • Robust metal case for durability and minimal electrical interference.
  • Available individually or as a complete measurement kit.

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