Jade Noise 2.7 Price List and Ordering Information


ProductPrice in USD
Jade Noise Professional 2.7
One license for a single computer
Jade Noise Professional 2.7 Site License
Unlimited use for one site/department by their employees/members only.
Jade Noise Professional 2.7 (educational and charitable institutions)
One license for a single computer
Jade Noise Professional 2.7 Site License (educational and charitable institutions)
Unlimited use for one site/department/faculty by their employees/members only. For educational use, this also covers use by full or part-time students.
5-Incident Support Pack
Full technical support for Jade Noise Professional for up to 5 separate incidents, including minor fixes. Note that Jade Noise Professional 2 does not normally come with support beyond help with the initial installation. Technical support is not available for Jade Noise Community.
If you wish to purchase a CD-ROM copy of Jade Noise Profesional 2.7 with the license.
Jade Noise Community 2.7
Limited version of Jade Noise. See here for more details
CEL Meter Cable
We have some cables for CEL 231 and 254 meters

Educational and Charitable Institutions

Jade Noise Professional 2 copies licensed at the special reduced price for educational and charitable institutions are licensed purely for research, teaching and other non-profit purposes by the organization. Commercial consultancy is not covered by this special license.

You may be asked to supply evidence of charitable or educational status with your order (for example: a letterhead, official purchase order or a photocopy of your membership or student card).


All customers outside the European Union are responsible for paying their own local sales tax, if applicable (we charge no extra taxes).

All customers in the United Kingdom, and non-business customers elsewhere in the European Union, will be charged VAT at 17.5%.

Business customers in the European Union (outside the United Kingdom) are exempt from UK VAT if they supply a valid VAT/TVA/MWST/BWT/IVA number.

How can I pay?

Please send your payment with your order (proforma invoices are available on request). We accept the following payment methods:

  • GB Pounds
    • Wire/telegraphic/telex transfer in GB pounds
    • Cheque in GB Pounds drawn on a British branch of a British bank
    • International Money order drawn on a British branch of a British bank
  • US Dollars
    • Wire/telegraphic/telex transfer in US dollars
    • Cheque in US Dollars drawn on a US branch of a US bank
  • Customers outside the USA, and for whom the US dollar is not their local currecny, should pay us in GB pounds to avoid additional banking costs.

Proforma invoices

Once you have contacted us with the details of what you wish to order, we will send you a proforma invoice to show the actual cost, including VAT, not-for-profit/educational discount, etc, as appropriate.

How do I buy Jade Noise 2?

To get a copy of the Jade Noise 2 software:

  1. Download Jade Noise Community 2
  2. Try out Jade Noise Community 2. A Getting Started guide is supplied with Jade Noise Community 2. This contains a tutorial for you to follow. A special demonstration sound card interface is provided so that you can try Jade Noise Community 2 without needing a meter, calibrator, cable or even a sound card. This simulates the effect of capturing data in software without the generation of "real" data.
  3. If you like what you see, and wish to upgrade to Jade Noise Professional, contact us to order a Jade Noise Professional registration key from us. We will then contact you for any further information we may require and prepare a proforma invoice for you to pay.
  4. On receipt of your payment, we will issue a registration key and give you details of how to download Jade Noise Professional or send you a CD if you prefer (there is a small charge for this). Download and install Jade Noise Professional. Then use the supplied key to register the software.

What do I need to run Jade Noise Professional 2?

See the list of requirements for Jade Noise 2.