Jade Noise 2 Requirements

Computer hardware

  • PC: Microsoft Windows NT4/2000/2003/XP
  • Sound Card: 16-bit stereo recording capability and volume control

Acoustic hardware

  • Sound level meter: Any sound level meter with a conditioned AC output (that is, the AC signal is drawn after the frequency weighting has been applied)
  • Acoustical calibrator: Single or dual level acoustical calibrator (dual level preferred for greater accuracy of readings)
  • Cable: A cable is needed to connect your meter to the sound card

What cable do I need?

An ordinary audio cable can be used if the meter produces 0.7V RMS FS or less. Above this level, a cable with suitable attenuation must be used to avoid damaging the sound card.

We sell a range of suitable cables - see our list of cables for more information. Viewcom Electronics can also supply audio cables for Jade Noise 2.

Alternatively, you can make your own cable. For details on making your own cable, see the Jade 2 Cable Specification (Adobe Acrobat pdf format).

Want to try Jade Noise 2 but don't have a sound card or cable?

A special demonstration sound card interface is provided so that you can try Jade Noise 2 without needing a meter, calibrator, cable or even a sound card. This simulates the effect of capturing data in software. Of course, the data is not "real" data, but it does allow you to see Jade Noise 2's features in action.

The demonstration interface does not interfere in any way with any real sound card that is already installed on your computer. In fact, it doesn't even stop Jade Noise 2 from functioning normally: you can still capture real data with a real sound card if you wish.

How much does Jade Noise 2 cost and how do I order a license?

See our Price List and ordering instructions